February 01, 2003

Brother marks kindness of former enemy

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A story about Rob's Dad...

A Coventry kid whose elder brother was killed when his ship was torpedoed in the Second World War is to put up his name on a brass plaque ... alongside that of a Commander of a German U-boat.

Tony Jordan, who survived the Blitz in Coventry, was 11 years old when his big brother Ron, a Merchant Navy sailor, was killed aged just 19. He had been on board the oil tanker British Resource when it was torpedoed three times by the U-boat U124 off Cape Hatteras in March, 1942.

Coventry Evening Telegraph, February 2003.


I would dearly like to contact Rob who was part of the write up in the paper Coventry Evening Telegraph as his reletive along with my brother were part of the crew on the British Resorce sunk by U-124. I have a lot of information that he would want to ask about, list of men and signitures, addresses, plus letters,and more as I would want to have the same information whatever that he may have. My name is Brian, I live in Manchester.

Thank you

Posted by B.Robinson at February 21, 2006 02:48 PM
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